066 - Letter Go

Welcome once again to Twilight's show!
I mean, she's almost like in every pages of this comic lately.
2013-12-05 12:40:00

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XD what kingdom does the diary rule?
2013-12-05 13:51:35
Diary needs more Twicane.
2013-12-05 14:13:33

2013-12-05 22:08:38
Goth Guru
This is what I was hoping for when "The Princess Diaries" came out.
2013-12-05 22:09:05
A la pobre se le va muy facilmente XD
2013-12-05 22:18:02
you should have given the diary wings
2013-12-05 22:43:15

Get out. Stop spamming your retarded "GAK" clone.
2013-12-05 22:49:46
._(\ *faceplam

I want this to be cannon
2013-12-05 22:55:33
I agree with Boter. How did you manage to draw a cane that is not Twicane?
2013-12-05 23:07:19
Meh, tualait is always so insane. c:
2013-12-06 00:30:28
This is hilarious! XD
2013-12-06 12:08:30
Fluttering Speed
How is the diary suppose to answer back to Twilight?
2013-12-07 02:56:31
Alan S.
Oh, great, ANOTHER princess. XD
2013-12-07 04:37:52
The same way it worked for Pinkie Pie... Insanity.
2013-12-08 17:52:38
Cave Johnson (here)
So, here's the deal. The lab boys took a bet on that if I'd message these non-pre-recorded comments here, they wouldn't be bothering me with their complaining about me referring to them in my every pre-recorded message. Obviously I took the bet. I'm Cave Johnson, after all!
2014-01-04 00:14:14

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