Extra 08 - AppleBat

Hello, everypony! 8D

Do you know what?
It's actually ATHEWM third anniversary!!! O__O

So, while there's not real updates here, at least have a very stupid picture. 8D
No, it's not Applejack as a batpony. (?)

Since this is not a lot, you could also read my pal John Wheel's comic, PONIES!!!, which it's in its second anniversary and it reached its 100th page!

That's almost like a third anniversary.
2014-07-16 04:00:00

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La parte de engañar bots



La parte de engañar bots todavía más

2014-07-16 17:02:15
Violence... =[
2014-07-25 01:14:19
Also, Applejack makes a great Batmare!
2014-07-28 15:40:16
2014-08-16 23:52:11
great work
2014-08-24 19:56:58

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